We are an immersive reality company using augmented and virtual reality technology to enhance surgery, save lives, and avoid complications. We are using diagnostic images (MRI, CT, Xray, Ultrasound) and overlaying them over you, the patient, during surgery. This gives the surgeon a guided map of your anatomy and your pathology or injury. This shows the surgeon where to cut and, more importantly, where not to cut. Every person’s anatomy differs not just on the outside, but on the inside as well. My heart and liver are not located exactly where your heart and liver are located. The surgeon has a general idea of where your main organs and arteries are, but that's all. This leads to complications and avoidable death. With our map they know exactly where they are going just by looking at you. This saves time in the OR, time under anaesthetic, and saves lives.

Our VR system allows the surgeon to practice performing the surgery in virtual space. My brain is pretty important to me and I'd rather a doctor performed a practice surgery in virtual space as many times as they need to in order to feel confident before they operate on me. It's also a fantastic tool for residents and medical students.

Our technology also provides a diagnostic component that radiologists can use before you ever hear about surgery. MRI, for example, is taken in 3D space then converted into 2D and viewed in slices. It's much better for physicians to view it in 3D where they can see the true shape and size and depth of a tumour or other pathology.

We are helping improve the efficiency and accuracy through every step of the process, from initial diagnosis to the surgical intervention.

Meet the amazing founders behind Aris MD

Chandra Devam (CEO) is a visionary; her out-of-the-box thinking and ambitious ideas push the boundaries of possibility. She has a passion for innovating and a mind for business; she is an accomplished patent writer. She has a flamboyant creativity married to a simple practicality that allow her to think large and solve big puzzles. She has a passion for building and creating new things the world needs in a way that hasn’t been tried. She’s been an entrepreneur her whole life and lives in a way that challenges her and the people around her. She leads without ever having to ask people to follow; they just want to see where she will take them next. ARIS MD is very fortunate to have her leading us.
Scott Edgar (CTO) was a computer prodigy as a child and started programming at the age of 4. He learned programming alongside his first language. He speaks it intuitively, fluently, and articulately. There isn't anything he can't build. He has a love and talent for programming that mirrors a great artist. His talent for building beautiful precise algorithms and software has an eloquence. It has led to the success of his past start-ups. His last start-up, Dryft, selling to a major Silicon Valley tech giant along with his code and patents. Scott is uniquely able to bring to life ideas that were previously science fiction. ARIS MD is very lucky to have this visionary.

Aris MD uses a patent-pending Augmented and Virtual Reality system to help bring medicine into the 21st century. Using diagnostic imaging combined with Immersive Reality, the Aris MD system provides visibility and accuracy to surgeons and other practitioners for diagnostic and surgical use.

Our vision is to create innovative products that push the envelope of what is possible.

We'd love to hear from you. You can email us if you have any questions or comments.